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Professional Technical Service Team

Efficient After-sale Installation And Commissioning

Caterpillar Certified Commissioning Engineer

Five-star Repair Workshop

Lei Shing Hong's mechanical and technical personnel are rigorously trained in accordance with Caterpillar standards to acquire new technical expertise. Each technician performs the basic decomposition, cleaning, assembly, and testing in accordance with Caterpillar standard procedures and professional requirements. After the perfect renovation of the technicians, the machines and equipment can achieve the same performance as the new machine and put into the second cycle of life. We have a well-equipped five-star repair shop that provides repair and overhaul services for all Cat engines and spare parts. Engine maintenance differentiation service:

Customer Service Satisfaction Plan

In order to improve customer satisfaction and service quality, after the service is over, special personnel will return to the maintenance work and follow the customer's suggestions and complaints. And as an indicator of performance evaluation of employees. Monthly discussion and summary of the results of the return visits, and action plans and tracking as needed.

S.O.S Oil Sample Detection

Lei Shing Hong Machinery has one of the few well-equipped, very professional oil sample laboratories in the Asia Pacific region. The laboratory is fully automated, with 24/7 computer monitoring and accurate and efficient data processing. It is completely cloned from the Caterpillar oil sample in the United States.

Oil sample laboratory equipment: ion emission spectrometer (ICP), infrared analyzer (FTIR), gas chromatograph, viscometer, pH agent + conductivity + refractometer, oscillator, fume hood, diluter, oxygen / air generator , reagent cabinet, special hot plate, special day equal.

Genuine Caterpillar Parts

In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, Lei Shing Hong Machinery has established a complete global spare parts supply system, equipped with maintenance personnel and common maintenance parts to ensure the customer parts supply service and reduce the owner's operating costs. Lixingxing Machinery has spare parts warehouses in all regions, providing ample inventory of Caterpillar genuine spare parts. All warehouses are computerized and can provide customers with fast and efficient spare parts supply services.

In addition, Caterpillar has three large parts storage facilities in the Asia Pacific region, including Caterpillar Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai Lingang Logistics Park, China, covering an area of over 50,000 square meters, is Caterpillar Le Asia's parts warehousing center is also the result of Caterpillar Logistics' integration of its supply chain and distribution network in China. 98% of engine parts are readily available at this center.