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Natural Gas Distributed Energy Application

Natural gas distributed energy, using natural gas combustion to work preferentially to produce high-grade electrical energy, and then use low-grade thermal energy for heating and cooling, to achieve energy cascade utilization that directly meets various needs of users. Distributed energy realizes scientific energy use and energy cascade utilization, comprehensive energy utilization efficiency reaches 70%-90%, and energy conservation rate reaches 20-40%. It is a modern energy supply mode that realizes energy supply near the load center, and is in line with energy conservation, environmental protection and construction. Economical social requirements.


Stepwise Energy Utilization

Main Scope Of Application

Hospitals and hotels, public transportation hubs, factories for cooling (heat) demand, data centers

Operation Mode

Electrical energy: The generator set uses natural gas to generate electricity. Thermal energy: steam, domestic hot water or heating through waste heat. Cold energy: hot water operation refrigeration, steam operation refrigeration, direct combustion refrigeration

Process Flow

Design Principles

Select the gas-fired power generation equipment according to the large (or average) power supply used by the building, and select the corresponding waste heat utilization mode according to the project requirements.