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Run&Maintenance Management

Lei Shing Hong Machinery Service Center can provide professional operation&Maintenance Management Service(O&M)。
By strengthening operation management, optimizing system equipment operation mode, strengthening maintenance management, improving equipment availability, safety and economy, and thus achieving lower operating costs and economic benefits for customers.

1Daily duty inspection

Conduct a patrol inspection of the equipment;

2Develop a scientific maintenance plan

Check and analyze the equipment's operating condition, working performance, wear and aging degree, comprehensively understand the changes in equipment technology status and wear aging, and provide customers with scientific maintenance plans for the problems found;

3Egular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the equipment according to the maintenance plan;


After encountering the fault or getting the fault notification, immediately rush to the fault site, communicate with the customer site management and technical personnel, and deal with it quickly and correctly. Limit the development of faults, eliminate the root cause of faults, and remove the danger to people and equipment. Keep the device running as much as possible to ensure proper power supply.

Complete Customer Training System

Lei Shing Hong Machinery Training Center is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the headquarters of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Kunshan. In the training area of 500 square meters, there is a practice training area.It is equipped with a technical data library, testing tools and other training aids (including engines, main components, etc.

Lei Shing Hong Machinery regularly conducts customer after-sales studies to help customers understand the correct operation and maintenance knowledge. The explanations include training engine operation and basic correct maintenance technical knowledge, allowing customers to properly manage engine equipment and increase service life, thereby increasing productivity.